New Website


Yippee, finally, Rafflesia Wedding Flower’s new website is here, although there have been quite a few glitches, in that not all of my pictures have displayed properly, so please be patient, as I will be working over the coming week to sort and upload the images again.

It has taken me a while to learn how to use this new software, between creating wedding flowers, meeting couples and of course juggling family life, so I hope you like the new format and that you will enjoy all of the new weddings that are yet to be added over the coming weeks, once the existing ones have been tweeked.

Watch this space for all of my 2013 and 2014 weddings, who have only been on my facebook up until now, but will officially get there own page on this brand new site, as well as all of my 2015 weddings, as they happen, throughout the rest of this year!