Bridal Bouquets
Shower/Cascading or Teardrop bouquets: £90.00-£200.00
Hand-tied bouquets: £40.00-£150.00

Bridesmaid Bouquets
Small Shower/Cascading or Teardrop bouquets: £70.00-£125.00
Hand-tied Posies: £20.00-£100.00
Baskets: £15.00-£30.00
Wands: £15.00-£35.00

Hair Accessories
Alice Bands or Circlets: £25.00-£45.00
Individually wired flowers: £3.00-£10.00

Buttonholes and Corsages
(price depends on foliage and any extra detailing used)
Carnation: £3.00-£4.00
Single Rose: £5.00-£7.50
Gerbera: £4.00-£6.50
Orchid: £7.50-£15.00
Calla: £7.50-£15.00
Corsages: £6.50-£15.00
Wrist Corsages: £20.00-£40.00

Ceremony Flowers

Pedestal: £90.00-£200.00
Window arrangement: £25.00-£100.00
1/2 Archway: £175.00-£300.00
Full Archway: £400.00-£600.00
Hanging Floral Hearts: £90.00-£125.00
Pew ends – tied: £10.00-£25.00
Pew ends in Oasis: £20.00-£30.00
Registrar table small arrangement: £50.00-£90.00
Registrar and/or top table waterfall arrangement: £100.00-£200.00
Candle and foliage rounds: £25.00-£35.00
Candle, foliage and flower arrangements: £40.00-£85.00
Topiary Trees: £90.00-£150.00
Floral Plaques: £90.00-£150.00

Reception Flowers
Table centres – vases with small posies of flowers and foliage: £15.00-£30.00
Table centres – vases with condensely arranged flowers and foliage: £25.00-£60.00
Table centres with candles, flowers and foliage: £25.00-£70.00
Table centres with candles, hurricane vases or candelabras, flowers and foliage: £40.00-£120.00
Long and low waterfall arrangement for a top table 2ft-3ft in length: £100.00-£200.00
Long and low front of table arrangement 4ft–6ft in length: £175.00-£275.00
Ivy garlands suitable for table fronts, pillars or handrails: £5.00-£10.00/foot
Soft Ruscus or Ivy trails to dress a table front: £3.00-£5.00/foot
Clusters of flowers for garlands or chair backs £5.00-£15.00 each
Hanging Marquee Balls: £150.00-£200.00 each
Individual flowers for garlands or cakes £2.00-£10.00 per bloom
Cake flowers: £15.00-£100.00
Aqua-packed thank you bouquets: £35.00-£100.00
Flat-backed thank you bouquets: £30.00-£75.00
Natural petal confetti: £3.99/pint or £2.49/half pint from stock

Bespoke confetti is priced on request as may cost more than confetti
from stock. For exact prices please contact me direct by phone or by email